Get ready for your best summer yet. 

4 Days  |  10 Incredible Women  

JUNE 3 - 6, 2024


June 3rd-6th, 2024


Live Calls 10-11am CST

(Calls Recorded and Available for Replay)


It's SUMMER! And my favorite season of the year! When I think back to my happiest childhood memories, they are from summer.
Remember staying up late chasing fireflies, eating popsicles while they dripped down your arm, and vacations with family and friends? Yep, the best.
And then something happens...we GROW UP. We become adults with responsibilities, and all the sudden summer isn't as fun as it used to be.
It's hot, the kids are home from school, your schedule is totally out of whack and you are OVER all the laundry from packing and unpacking.
Summer is NOT fun like it used to be.
That's why I made the Summer Fun Summit!
Join me and my friends who are experts in love, creativity, travel, style, books, mocktails, and beyond to help you create a summer of fun.
What if you had fun in a way that totally felt like that little 4 year old inside of you was planning your summer? It sounds crazy, but I started doing this years ago and have never looked back. Summer is the BEST!
I hope to see you in the Summit!
And if you want support to create your most FUN summer yet, make sure you check out my extra special BONUS day! 
I love you.



Meet the Speakers:

Stephanie Affinito


Stephanie is a book-loving, notebook-hoarding literacy educator on a mission to change lives one book and one notebook at a time. She blogs about the power of leading literate lives at and podcasts weekly on books and reading, writing and notebooks and everything in between for both adults and children on her weekly podcasts Get Lit(erate). and KidLit Love. 

Nyla Rodgers

Manifestation & Transformation Coach

Nyla is a Manifestation and Transformation Coach with a unique background as the founder of Mama Hope, a nonprofit impacting 5.6 million lives worldwide. Leveraging her experiences, she empowers clients to break free from limitations, manifest their dreams, and create extraordinary lives through the power of belief and love.


Rebecca Rankin

Holistic Hormone Health Coach specializing in Cyclical Living

Rebecca empowers women to take charge of their lives by understanding their inner cycles. Through yoga, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, and sound healing, she guides them to navigate hormonal fluctuations with clarity and confidence. Rebecca's holistic approach fosters self-acceptance and inner peace, enabling women to embark on their life journey authentically.

Stephanie Ritz

Business Coach, Travel lifestyle expert & digital nomad

Stephanie is a business coach, travel lifestyle expert, host of the podcast Wanderlust at 35+ and digital nomad. She travels the world, helping corporate professionals start and grow freedom-based businesses, while guiding the 35+ community in creating a travel-based lifestyle.

Dupe Witherick

Alcohol Free Wellbeing and Transformational Coach

Dupe spent years immersed in the drinking culture of the corporate world until she realized it no longer brought her joy. Taking a 21-day break from alcohol turned into 3.5 years of sobriety. Now, she's a bestselling author, marathon runner, yoga practitioner, and podcast host. As an Alcohol Free Wellbeing and Transformational Coach, Dupe helps women make alcohol insignificant, guiding them to discover their true selves and thrive through her THRIVE AF Method, which incorporates techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique and Human Design.

Tina Friedman


Style TM was founded in 2011, born out of a passion for fashion and a dedication to helping individuals look and feel their best. Recognizing the significance of personal style, the founder believes in the transformative power of clothing and the messages it conveys.

As a personal wardrobe stylist, they deeply value their clients, prioritizing understanding their lifestyles and aspirations. Their approach is rooted in tailoring fashion to real-life contexts rather than solely focusing on trends from the runway.

Their mission is to empower clients to dress according to their body shape and lifestyle while surpassing their style objectives. Through collaboration, clients can expect to feel excited about their wardrobe and exude confidence every day.

Let Style TM be your guide to expressing your unique message to the world through your individual style - trademarking your style - YOU‚ĄĘ

Valerie McKeehan


Valerie McKeehan is an artist, educator, and unapologetic flower-lover. She is always playing with beauty, and it is her passion to help you bring your own beauty to this world too‚ÄĒeven if you‚Äôve never really believed you could.¬†

Wendy Harrop 

Wendy, owner of The Phineas Wright House, a historic bed & breakfast in rural Massachusetts, merges her 30-year wedding planning expertise with everyday entertaining. She aims to ensure every guest feels welcomed, anticipated, and celebrated. Wendy offers opportunities for women to say YES to themselves through luxury culinary trips, workshops, and retreats at her 200-year-old barn, and Farm Stays. As host of the Say YES to yourself! Podcast, she engages in conversations with women embracing self-care practices.

Nicole Gariepy

Artist, Gallery Owner, Podcaster

Nicole is a jewelry designer, art gallery owner, former ballerina and host of the Creative Minds, Brilliant life podcast. She believes that the deeper meaning of life so many people are looking for comes through the creative experience in all forms, not limited to creating physical art, but in the feeling we get when we are truly inspired on a soul level. Nicole’s mission is to create more beauty in this world, and share that inspiration so that others do the same, creating a ripple effect that touches people everywhere.

Anna K Morris

Your Moderator

Anna is a clarity and confidence coach deeply invested in people living a life they love. As a recovering people pleaser who didn’t know what actually made her happy, Anna started discovering her truest self in her 30s and loves helping other women do the same. It gets to be easy! She teaches journaling, mindset shifting and self care as a way to access your inner voice.



June 3rd-6th, 2024


Live Calls 10-11am CST

(Calls Recorded and Available for Replay)