Hi. I'm Anna


You may know me, or you maybe you are just getting to know me.

Either way, my intention is to share about myself in such a way that you truly get a sense of who I am, how I came to be, and why coaching you to live your best damn life is my life’s purpose. This is my destiny and I believe I have been given unique gifts to help you create massive shifts in your life.

I am a mindset coach.


The idea of being a coach has not always resonated with me and frankly I spent 10 years trying to step away from my calling, avoiding doing the thing that I know I was placed here to do.

That thing is to teach you the tools to unravel all the bullshit beliefs in your life and create YOUR very best life.

Creating YOUR very best life is personal. It’s unique. And truthfully you may not even know what that could or would look like. But deep down, in the core of your being, you do. It’s just that life has done a number on you— not in a bad way— but the experiences of life have created layers on top of us and little by little we forget what truly makes us happy. We forget about those dreams we’ve had since we were 8 or 10 years old. I’ve been there, I have lived the pain.

What I believe

I believe we are all put here by divine power and energy. I call it The Universe.

I believe the Universe is here to help us live the life of our dreams. I also believe life is meant to be full of joy and ease beyond our wildest imagination.

I believe we have an inner voice, an intuition. And that our little voice or intuition is The Universe talking to us. Except we don’t listen because we are too busy doing this life thing— working, paying bills, running kids here and there, playing, numbing out. Or more likely, The Universe is talking to you and you don’t like the answer (more on that later).

What I teach

I teach you how to recognize and remove the chatter from your head so that you can have a clear, co-creating, conspiring relationship with The Universe. I’m not talking about the kind of relationship with The Universe where you do all the good things you are supposed to do and you’ll be rewarded for good behavior.


Let me be clear— I’m talking about a deep, nurtured relationship with The Universe where you talk to it, it talks back (your inner voice) and you listen. You trust it. You get out of your head and thoughts and into into your natural flow, into the flow WITH the universe. When you get into the flow with the Universe, big shifts start to occur.  Life becomes easy because you are in your natural flow. You’ve been paddling upstream all these years and didn’t even know it.



How did we get this way?

The way we are in this world is shaped by our experiences, I think we can all agree. But listen to this twist: we are not shaped by our experiences, but rather by what we make the experiences mean, about us.

When we can unravel the stories we’ve been telling about ourselves, about our family, about our friends, neighbors, enemies, life in general, we can let our old stories go. We create space for new stories, new experiences and new found freedom, peace, ease and joy.

We create a new life for ourselves— one not shaped by our past, but a blank canvas that we get to create daily. I teach you you how to unravel all your stories and create something new.

My Story

 I mean, we could be here for awhile. Maybe you want to get a cup of coffee or tea.  Maybe pop some popcorn?

I’ll keep it as brief as I can but I also want to illustrate the concept of past experiences shaping you.

I was born in and grew up in Marquette Michigan, until the age of 6. I loved my life in Marquette, but who wouldn’t? We spent all day during the summer months outside, at the lake, riding bikes. It was one of those idyllic childhoods where you explored all day with your friends, only coming home in time for supper. And then it all ended. My family moved to Atlanta and I vividly remembering the moving van pulling away, me crying as I watched through the back window as my friends disappeared. Unbeknownst to 6 year old me, I decided then that I would never have close friends like that again.

Fast forward many years later, I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me. There were a lot of pain and poor decisions that followed, but let’s just say that it was a transformative experience. And subconsciously I decided that going forward, I was going to hurt someone before they could hurt me.


I was also at the top of my class academically and a state champion swimmer. I was a high achiever and I looked really good doing it. I decided that I needed to look good all the time.


My senior year of college my roommates who were also my sorority sisters and closest friends all decided to move into the sorority house. Only they all paired up and there was not a bed left for me so they went to the sorority house and I moved into another apartment. There’s that story again about how I could not have close friends.


After college, I moved to NYC, got a job helping launch a global tableware company. Then 911 happened. Then someone very close to me attempted suicide. Then my parents got divorced. I was left in shambles. But remember that I’m very good at looking very good. I moved into pharmaceutical sales, was the top-performer in the country, had a 6 figure expense account, lots of fancy parties and trips and a pretty apartment. And even though I didn’t know why at the time, I was unhappy. And feeling guilty for being unhappy. So I just kept looking good looking good. That’s all I knew to do.


And then I had one of the most transformative experiences of my life. There I was, after a night of too much drinking, lying on the bathroom floor, wondering what the hell I was doing with my life, wondering if it was worth living. And in that moment, I decided to help myself. 


I hired a coach. Not just any coach. An energy coach. For months we worked together. Unraveling. Diving deep. Discovering all the intricacies of my human experience. Unpacking all those experiences and the stories I told myself about them and about me. I went on a dating detox. No men, no dates, no flirty looks across the bar. I dated myself instead. Every Friday night I stopped at my local bodega and bought myself some wine, fresh flowers and the makings of a beautiful cheese board. Removed from all the distraction, I found myself. I discovered what makes ME happy. And my life changed forever.


This single experience (or journey perhaps) is why I coach. I coach so that I can teach you how to create a new life for yourself. I coach so that you can be freed up from the things that are not working in your life— the things you may not know how to change, or don’t even know you want to.


I was taught to not pay attention to things, achievements or an ideal checklist (for the perfect man, for example) but instead to pay attention to how I FEEL.  I went on to leave NYC in 2012 in search of space, open sky. I wanted to sit in my backyard with a dog and the man of my dreams. Having been in NYC for 12 years, I wanted to see the sky.


And all that happened. Because I had been taught how to tune out the noise and pay attention to The Universe, I made moves that were in the flow. One month after moving to Austin, I met Derek. We moved in together 2 months later, got engaged 6 months after that, and then married the following spring.


There is more to our story— Derek walking away from a promising career knowing it wasn’t serving him, us living and working abroad, traveling around the world, living in Mexico, and finally moving back to my hometown (which was a total shock) and having a family.


But the thing I want to leave you with is this: anything is possible. I went from the despair of that cold bathroom floor to creating a life that I love. It’s not perfect and we have our share of problems. The difference is that it is MY life, the life I created with the tools I learned. The tools I continue to use daily to constantly create a life that I love. And when I find that I don't love something about my life, I change it. And you can too!


It would be my profound honor to help you create the life of YOUR dreams.