Self Care Summit


MARCH 18 - 22, 2024

5 Days  |  10 Incredible Speakers  

The Spring Self-Care Summit has ended but it's never too late for Self-Care.


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My two favorite things-- and my absolute zone of genius-- is to connect amazing people and to help YOU live a life that feels like yours-- where you feel appreciated, honored and cared for.
That's why I'm so excited to host this Spring Self-Care Summit with some of the best coaches, thought leaders and experts in the areas of healthy lifestyle, money, energy, relationships, meditation & manifestation.
Every guest speaker on this summit is a total badass at what she does. Each one has the ability to change your life with a single drop of wisdom that oozes from them.  And, as an added bonus-- they happen to be gifted story tellers, charismatic and an overall joy to be around.
Spring is the time to clean-out and clean-up. There is no better time to give yourself and your life a little bit of self-care.
I hope to see you in this FREE Self-Care Summit. I hope you'll choose to treat yourself to some "ME-TIME" and choose to prioritize taking a little time for yourself.
I love you!



Meet the Speakers:

Hannah Koschak

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

A Registered Dietitian for 10 years with a clinical background helping patients manage disease. Hannah is the owner of Wholesome Endeavors and educates on disease prevention to help women create consistency in their health journey by focusing on nutrition for self-care. 



Hannah Antonson

Decluttering & Organizing for Health

Hannah is a health and wellness coach and believe's health is happiness. She approaches organization as a way of clearing space and inviting in the energy that supports your wellness goals. When you feel overwhelmed or disorganized, the last thing you’ll have energy for is self-care, meditation, cooking, or healthy living. There are many overlaps between a healthy lifestyle and living in a decluttered space. Our environments heavily influence our behaviors and habits. When your space works for you, you can live the inspired, peaceful, and calm life you’ve been craving!




Whitney Morrison

Certified Financial Planner and Money Mindset Coach

Whitney is not your average financial planner and she's not your average life coach. She is a unique combination of the two. She combines the fundamentals of wealth building with money mindset coaching to change your relationship with money and achieve the freedom lifestyle you've always desired!



Em Strong

Trusting Yourself, Moving Energy

Em is the author of, "She Finally Believes in Love," a collection of poetry inspired through her journey of trusting herself to heal from breast cancer and designed to awaken your intuition and love within. She is obsessed with supporting women with health and wealth sovereignty through frequency.


Alison Canavan

Energy Management

Alison is an acclaimed international speaker, wellness coach, and mindfulness advocate, inspiring audiences worldwide with her powerful message of energy management, personal growth and well-being. As a former international model, she has graced the world's most prominent runways and magazines, but it is her journey beyond the spotlight that truly captivates hearts and minds.



Sierra Mercier

Cultivating Love

Sierra Sophia Mercier is a former competitive figure skater, a storyteller, she co-hosts an altruistic travel series with her husband on YouTube called Love Set Run, and currently she is a love cultivation coach. She is a mother and a champion of conscious conception. Sierra is also the author of the book ‚ÄúHow To Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner‚ÄĚ, a five step guided, workbook helping you tap into and reveal your most loving and self-loving Self to attract the most loving partners.



Kelsey Abbott

Human Design

Kelsey is an Energy Alignment Coach who helps humans live joyful, abundant, ease-filled soul-aligned lives.

She's been a Certified Professional Coach, Performance Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner for a decade, supporting hundreds of people with mindset work, Human Design, meditation training, energy healing and Feng Shui.



Jenn Liss


Jen is a coach, trauma informed breathwork facilitator and founder of Brilliant Breathwork, a membership and coaching community showing people how to untether from past experiences, reprogram the mind and body, and unleash the brilliance within.



Sally Maxwell


Sally and her husband Zach teach people in relationships the tools to communicate together so they love and live more freely.  With over 14 years of experience in the leadership and personal development world, Sally combines a potent cocktail of action oriented strategies with mindset changing tools to generate life changing results for her clients.



Albina Rippy

Meditation & Manifestation

Albina is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, inspirational speaker, yogi and world traveler.  After a decade of starting and growing her businesses into thriving communities of yoga, healthy, holistic lifestyle, personal growth and transformation, Albina sold all of her worldly possessions to travel and explore the world together with her husband, daughters and fluffy dog, Dante.  Albina's diverse background ranges from public accounting and airline experience to creating a yoga empire, retreat center and juice bar.  Albina Rippy adds massive value by contributing to the success and happiness of people around the world through her success coaching.



Anna K Morris

Your Moderator

Anna is a clarity and confidence coach deeply invested in people living a life they love. As a recovering people pleaser who didn’t know what actually made her happy, Anna started discovering her truest self in her 30s and loves helping other women do the same. It gets to be easy! She teaches journaling, mindset shifting and self care as a way to access your inner voice.




The Schedule

Monday-Friday March 18th-22nd
All calls 1-2pm CST
Calls Recorded and Available for Replay



Monday March 18th, 1pm-2pm

Health & Food with Hannah Koschak

Decluttering & Organizing with Hannah Antonson


Tuesday March 19th, 1pm-2pm

Holistic Money with Whitney Morrison

Trusting Yourself & Moving Energy with Em Strong


Wednesday March 20th, 1pm-2pm

Energy Work with Allison Canavan

Cultivating Love with Sierra Mercier


Thursday March 21st, 1pm-2pm

Human Design with Kelsey Abbott

Breathwork with Jenn Liss

Friday March 22nd, 1pm-2pm

Relationships with Sally Maxwell

Meditation & Manifesting with Albina Rippy