The Reconnect

8-week Group Coaching Program



This high-touch group coaching program is for you. It's for me. It's for any and all. For 8-weeks, we'll dig deep to uncover the YOU that you've forgotten, or perhaps have never known. We'll excavate. We'll discover. We'll laugh and cry. And we'll do it together.

With the power of community, you will create new habits, new thought patterns and create breakthroughs in all areas of your life. The Reconnect is designed to have you discover and drop into the most authentic version of you, the one that got put aside somewhere along the way. This program is about reconnecting to YOU!

A message from Anna


Who is this for?

People who are:

  • looking for more joy, fulfillment and ease in their life
  • In the beginning/middle/end of a life change (like a divorce, leaving a job, having a child, starting a business, losing a loved one, buying a home, selling a home)
  • Looking to connect with other like-minded people to lift them up when they need support
  • Supportive of others and like cheering on their successes and failures
  • Wanting to learn new tools and ways to be in the world that support them having more joy and ease
  • Up to BIG things like living a life that feels like their soul is shining through
  • Ready to feel less resentment and frustration with daily life

Results you can expect

  • More joy, ease and fulfillment in your existing life with very little actually changing around you
  • A shift in your perspective that changes your whole life
  • Making new friends who you would never know otherwise and you cannot imagine not knowing
  • Feeling peaceful when you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night
  • Feeling joy in the little micro moments that carry us through the hard times
  • Being clear and confident in your choices that once felt hard or challenging
  • Not seeing ‚Äúhard times‚ÄĚ as hard, but rather new, different and uncomfortable
  • Knowing yourself to be strong, resilient and a general bad ass
  • Loving your life, as it is

Why The Reconnect 

  • Reduce overwhelm and self-doubt
  • Learn to prioritize yourself and your happiness without guilt
  • Resolve & complete old thought patterns and create new ones
  • Rediscover the¬†joy in the everyday
  • Move through resentment and frustration
  • Develop your relationship with God / The Universe

About The Reconnect 

  • 8 week group coaching program
  • Intuitively curated exercises designed to uncover and change old beliefs
  • Weekly coaching videos on key topics with actions to take
  • Weekly LIVE¬†video calls (also recorded)
  • Accountability groups to give you extra support
  • Like-minded new friends to inspire and support you as you discover your inner voice and passions

What my clients are saying


Anna's program improved by marriage & work and it helped me find clarity and serenity around some of the situations I cannot change. Anna gave me the direction & permission to drop obligations that weren't serving me to make room for activities that nourish me.



Anna and her program are amazing! This work is so inspirational, and easy to implement. It's part self-paced, part group accountability, so it works well for all personality types. Anna is super warm, will meet you where you are, encourage, and help unearth the best you. Seriously, do the program!



As a full time working mom, I felt the extreme despair of losing myself. Anna's program enabled me to reconnect with my creative side, foster more love and energy in my home, and build the community I've been craving.


 Spring 2024

 Starts April 15th 2024

Weekly calls each Monday 1pm Central

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