Know and Trust Yourself

 in 7 days

Live a life you love while feeling peaceful and at ease.


By the end of this 7 day course,

you will…



  • Know yourself more deeply

  • Trust yourself and your decisions

  • Be clear about¬†what you want

  • Know¬†your worth

  • Have less stress and overwhelm

  • Experience a new¬†sense of peace



Imagine a life that feels like that.



True happiness lies in the peace and ease that comes from knowing and trusting yourself fully.

A special message for you.


Trust Yourself 



April 14th - 21st, 2024


4 LIVE Calls:

Sunday April 14th 5pm CST

Tuesday April 16th 5pm CST

Thursday April 18th 5pm CST 

Sunday April 21st 12pm CST

* all calls recorded

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Why the Trust Yourself Mini-course?



I know that the secret to living a life that you love is to know, trust and honor yourself in all that you do and to design your life around those things.

I created this course for ONE reason: to teach you how to know and trust yourself fully so that you can wake up every day living life that feels amazing to you!

I made it affordable. I made it minimal time commitment. I made it for YOU!



Now is the time for you. It's time to Trust Yourself.


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